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writing to me

what i love about poetry:

i can say what needs to be said.

empty the rambles from my head,

re-read my life,  

through tangible words;  

the things i’ve heard

jumping around in my mind…

only words give me the clarity to find -

what i mean,

how i feel.

if this is a momentary conjure, 

or if its real.

The courage to steal -

the moment; 


seize it somehow. 

a gateway of communication, 

from my brain - to the world.

 just words from a girl. 

 i’m discovering her too,

through these words, i get closer to You.

who are you? who do you want to be?

can i write to me?

Poetry ~

my frozen thoughts,

in this chaotic head space -

words leaving a trail, 

traces of their existence. 

without words,

 i’d listen to them whoosh away,

replaced. forgotten. moved along. another feeling, without a song.

my thoughts without poetry, 

would be music without a beat.

an endless drift, 

an endless speech, 

nothing to tune too,

not a tap, toot, dap, or snap.

no depth to dive into,

a waterless wave.


 my muse, my mind, myself, mine.


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