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visions of heaven

the softest blanket, deepest green eyes. blooming flowers, first kiss - butterflies.

rain and sunshine, soft chocolate and key lime pie. a sweet embrace, joyful cries.

memories weaved with goodbyes.

the first morning text, milk and honey, cloudless skies -

every 'first' ever had, piles of puppies, kittens, ducks, endless smiles, innocent child -

freckles and silken hair.

mountains of laurel, shadows never cold, 75 in the sun. bottomless fruit bowls,

mangos and peaches, supple curled in toes.

new born lips. curious minds, nothing to waste - an absence of time.

clean air; clean lives.

pet names, eternal, forever. no one ever dies.

mom's, dads, grandmas, papas, fur babies - all alive.

that's heaven.


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