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to be human

to be human:

destructive, creative;

just the same.

a cursed existence;

a beautiful expression of life;

just the same.

cold and compassionate,

all at once.

blessed and burdened,

grand and small,

clever and clueless,

all the same.

nothing more than pieces in a man-made game;

though beyond our organics…

lies what we are within;

the soul of the human is connected to all akin.

to be human:

is to be the bird, the soil, and the worm.

to be all –

the unknown and the learned.

a parasite,

a host,

a predator,

a prey.

we are all. just. the. same.

to be human:

to live and die,

laughter, anger, hatred, cries.

joys, sorrows, truths, lies.

to be human is to be dead and alive.

to be human:

emotions and moments,

mistakes, retries.

who we are and our disguise.

religions of origin,

words telephoned through time.

to be human:

is to be blind.

condemned to flesh and bone,

bound to the cosmos.

to be human is to believe:

that there is more to this life than I see.

to be human:

confused and contemplative,

focused and manipulated,

strong and weak,

all the same.

To Be Human:

is to be part of this miraculous shame.


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