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The Human Condition


believe me, i am happy.

ive cultivated a life that i am fond of, and proud to be building.

id be lying if i said that has always been the case...

but the important take away is, that i am actively happy.

this poem might suggest otherwise, and thats hardly because i have unhappiness in my heart

its simply the nature of things:

the bittersweet dichotomy of life.

--there i was,

sitting in my tub,

counting my abundance,

as i watch the candelight dance

my heart was heavy with happiness,

then it sank slowly into the water

as i allowed myself to remember all the times

i had been happy before now,

times i hadnt,

times i had forgiven,

times i havent.

i finally felt what my grumpy (grandpa) told me in times i was unhappy & wanted to quickly end that less than ideal emotion:

"don't hurry through your life. take your time, because one day, there isnt any left."


The Human Condition 

feeling a grimace stain your face

but you smile anyway

it happened,

it’s happening

you feel it everyday

looking back, there’s so much to see.

a gallery,

of things you might change,

or go to again,

places you lived,

places you’ve been.

and the grimace sinks in again.

loved ones lost,

making new friends,

the phases,

the beginnings,

The End.

we smile to cover the stain.

we mean it, it’s real.

our hearts are wide open -

but that makes it hard to heal.

our time is dancing,







through the years.

we watch them, we hold them

with our grimace

and our tears,

and we smile

to dull that stain made of awareness and fears.

dance slowly, my dear.


Chelseigh Rose

March 6, 2020

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