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Last lone rose of the falling season,

My heart craves incentive; I am longing for a reason.

Final midnight moon of the ceasing sun,

Desire has crept closer; my restless yearning has begun.

Puzzled from clouded skies, could you direct me please?

If I pleaded another prayer, I’d be collapsing on my knees.

Forsaken dreams of envy, can you hear my wail?

Salvage my ending moments before my soul withers frail.

Rising star from the shadows, have your radiance lead.

I beg for luminosity; satiate these famished needs.

Faded strength, lower your veil; give me the residue of might.

Supply emancipation from my weakness and assist me in the fight.

Last lone rose of the falling season,

My soul craves your company; I still need a reason.


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