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pure obscurity

A feeling, a thought. Content, distraught. A chemical. A name. A body. A brain.

Seeking balance through physical means --finding imbalance from emotional things.

What is a mind, what does it do? Are my thoughts my feelings, and my emotions too?

Lost in spasms of nerve impulses, earthly distractions and sentimental moments.

Life is light, that leads to dark. While on the train, the tunnel parts. Our minds understand, our sensations resist: Light turns to dark, as life’s death persists.

Where the tunnel leads; where the blood bleeds; where the emotions feed --to know, is only a natural need.

We will not know, no matter the need. Our bodies will expire despite the mind's greed.

Whatever the reason for chemicals to collect, emotions to rise, moments to connect. Our bodies can dispose, what our mind forever knows.

--Life is obscure,

for that I am sure.


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