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Pointless: A short story about Bug

11th Grade Assignment: Include a given list of vocabulary words in an imaginative short story (1/20/11)

Bug is a small peaceful frog that lives in a large monarchy pond in Frogville. His monarchy is made up of devout and pious frogs that worship King Toad. It was the other case for Bug. He didn’t care much for the King. Bug saw King Toad as a zealously selfish amphibian whose primary concern was how his warts looked, rather than the Climate Crisis that faced the Frogs of Frogville: The Humans were slowly desiccating the pond minute by minute. You see the Humans discovered the pond months ago and decided it was arable for their Humany Habitat; after that, the once replete and rich waters of the pond were being sucked away by the hour. But King Toad continued to occupy his attention to his “charming smile.” Bug kept to himself, remaining unaffiliated with the other frogs.

            Days go by as more precious water is desiccated from the pond; the Frogs of Frogville continue their vernacular prayer and praise to King Toad. Meanwhile, Bug is sleeping in on his lily pad in equanimity. He wants his last days at the drying pond to be spent enjoying the weather, and dreaming of better times.

            Suddenly, King Toad is knocked in the head with a Human's tool that is seems to be devouring the pond water with its snake-like shape, and he dies instantly. The King's butler finds him face down, while narcissistically kissing his mirror in rigor mortis. The butler immediately announces the death of King Toad to the Frogs of Frogville. Bug is still on his lily pad dreaming sweet dreams of tangerine skies that glisten on lush sapphire waters.

             Once the news of King Toad is divulged to the Frogs of Frogville, the ponds equanimity begins to turn into absolute chaos. The Frogs of Frogville are lugubrious and empty; they are engorged with fear, and anxiety as to what happens next. They begin to grow symptoms of wrenching insanity, as they hop in pointless circles croaking in confusion. Bug remains rested, peacefully in interminable dreams of mosquito buffets and gentle rain showers, against the tranquil chorus of crickets.

            As the Frogs of Frogville fanatically pull together what seemed to be a zealous litany of a memorial, a Human passes by. The Frog's lugubriousness is ubiquitous, and rapidly reaches the Human's attention.  They saw how wrenching the Frog's pain and insanity had become. In return, the Humans kindly thought of the camaraderie of the Frogs of Frogville by putting a moratorium on the arable land they were destroying. They promised to halt all destruction and desiccation for the camaraderie of the Frogs. The Humans then began to satiate the ponds by making it replete with fresh water again. As the water rose, all the cracks in the dry land were filled, making the once dry soil, turn into saturated wells. As the flow of liquid swallowed the desiccated land, it accidentally swallowed the frangible grave of King Toad under its ripples and tides.

The Frogs watched as the water inhaled the grave, and all vernacular common sense drowned with the grave too. Their fleeting equanimity soon turned into chaos once more; the Frogs of Frogville hip-hopped towards the grave in attempt to spare its frangible stones and memorials. The Frogs dove to the bottom, consistently and persistently reaching for King Toad’s tomb. In their devout trial of self-sacrifice to save the remains of their dead King, all the Frogs of Frogville fanatically scampered under the now heavy pond, causing rapid disorganized congestion. The Frogs kick, punch, slap, pull, push, and knock-out their fellow Frogs, all while trying to preserve the remains of King Toad. As the tension under the surface permeates even farther, the Frogs of Frogville begin to loose oxygen. Their lungs shrivel in the crispy, fresh water. Their legs thrash in attempt to save themselves; no longer concerned with King Toad’s memorial they embark upward to the water-ceiling, while pieces of gravestone float aimlessly onto the vast pond floor.

            The Frogs of Frogville still batter to get to the top of the now abundantly moist and replete pond. As they lash upward, their suffocation makes them faint and their movement comes to a moratorium. The now airless Frogs of Frogville weakly reach for the surface, but they drown in their trial, forever resting beside their King.

            Bug wakes up from his interminable haze of dreams. As his yawn delivers his lungs with oxygen, Bug’s eyes widen at the sights of the ponds sparkling shine and glistening glow. He is baffled from of the fiery sky reflecting on the pond. Where there was once a Human-induced drought, there was now a pristine, unmoving pond. Not a soul in site. Waters restored. Crisis averted. Bug's dream came true.

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