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more than

not crazy about you, maybe crazy without you.

it's the way you do the things, you do to me, irresistible. you do them effortlessly.

a simple kiss above my eyes, my mind unwinds with your precious time. a moment that never ends, time and time again, I feel myself missing you, my more than a friend.

a gaze that plays all the chords to my soul, you sing to me silently, as your eyes gently glow. I know, and you know, though my lips cannot say -I think about you everyday.

an addictive concoction of salty and sweet, your romances relentlessly swoon me off my feet.

though your heart is where my leisure lies, everyday a new surprise - you caught me in mid flight, on a run from love, I refused to fight.

taking my hand, my heart, my mind body and soul, with you I find my love grow.

leave it be, let it reach, for the highest trees or the deepest seas, love with you, is an endless tree, in a depthless sea. I love you, as you love me.


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