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missed connections

sweet baby:

these houses are not


the walls are caving in,

the air is thin.

space is filled

though my heart is not -

I want you my darling,

but the climate’s too hot.

supper will burn

the orchard may die,

I can’t give this home to you,

sweet baby,

the bounty is becoming a lie.

I want nothing more

than to look in your eyes,

sing you songs,

hold you tight,

share my love,

give my life.

but the roof is breaking;

stability shaking.

I cannot promise you’ll eat tonight,

with these wars, famines, and pesticides.

you deserve purity,

clean, clear, safe, lush.

this world we’ve borrowed,

I’m ashamed of our tarnished touch.

forgive me, my child,

for we may never meet -

my heart will forever ache for you,

my sweet.


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