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Love's Keen Sting

A heartbreaking heart ache, suffocates my songs, turns my symphonies into thunderstorms, making the abyss last too long. I'm in a staring role, an actress in my own life. Day by day I imitate a woman of strength, while I experience a girl of loneliness and strife. I'm a reflection of regret, a moment of misery frozen in time. I carry on with tender tears, missing the love that was once mine. I fell for a fools temptation, got lost in a temporary thought. Now with a forever to remind myself, of what I used to have, and what I've got. I trick myself with fantasies, imagine you want to immerse yourself back through the door. I daydream of your voice and warmth. I know I'm hopeless to my core. I'm terrified to fall asleep at night - I don't want to dream of you again. I'm in deceitful bliss while my eyes are closed, and when I wake the cold reality sinks in.

You were my light and darkness. The balance that gave me a glow. Your absence planted an emptiness inside me, and everyday I feel it grow. I've never missed someone so much, or felt the curse of love's ending sting. I guess I'd never been in real love before you.

I guess now that loves future is only a dream. 12/13/2012

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