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doubts & dreams

Sometimes I'm so full of fear,

things are never clear.

I'm hiding behind the doors I know,

and I don't know where to go.

I wanna breathe,

I wanna scream.

I wanna know so much,

what it feels like to be me.

I wanna soar,

I wanna climb,

I wanna be so far away

and feel alive.

I'm searching for the answer.

To find what life's about.

I would have it in my hand by now,

if only I wasn't so full of doubt.

I'm on the edge of dreams.

I'm staring at the future,

and it's not what I think it should be.

I'm scared to look.

I'm scared to see.

I'm scared to fall,

I'm scared to stand,

I'm scared to breathe.

But if I'm afraid of anything,

it's that I'll try and fail.

I never want to lose a battle,

and live to tell the tale.

So I'm working my way out of this.

Reaching for my star.

Maybe this will go nowhere,

or maybe I'll go far.

Either way I'm soaring,

no matter what: I'll climb.

I don't care the distance gone,

I will live to feel alive.


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