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divine design

This poem is already written,

the Universe made it so.

Each pebble creating ripples;

the precise falling of snow.

Leaves falling;

Ants crawling;

Clouds stalling;

Birds calling…

Each moment of our lives,

--an already written story we are recalling.

No accidents are occurring,

Nor miracles stirring.

We are products of divine design,

our comprehension always maturing.

My mind is blurring

-      Consciousness is Me.

I am the Universe,

it is through the Universe I see.

Life is never over,

with the cosmos, I am alive.

Organic flesh may leave me,

though I will continue to see through the Universe’s eyes.

My steps may seem chaotic,

random in their trail.

Each step forward I place,

was a forethought left to unveil.

Purpose is my Being.

Life is forever my own.

Never ending is my place in space,

for the Universe made it so.


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