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Desert Stars

the sky⁣ as open as my heart.⁣ the stars:⁣ holy diamonds ⁣ where my soul splits apart⁣ at these glittering peaks.⁣ my mouth is silent,⁣ while my revery speaks, ⁣ an inter-galactic tongue⁣ of dust⁣ and decay,⁣ on cloudless nights ⁣ and starry days.⁣ voiceless, ⁣ the sage is still.⁣ wordless,⁣ a vacant thrill. ⁣ in earth & space⁣ with stars freckling my face,⁣ beaming onto the iris in my eyes⁣ with whispers ⁣ of the ⁣ desert skies. ⁣

May 17, 2018

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