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as midnight rises

as you teeter,

transcend -

those solid walls

falter and bend.

the face reflected felt forever;

like the only truth -

you thought who you saw

was the only You.

with ageless innocence,


grandiose pursuits -

a seemingly stable existence in youth.

now minutes,


marks -

they are staining the glass.

what i understood as my present

has now become my past.

fine lines have crept into my eyes,

as i wander

with pace

towards Real Midnight's demise.

i wonder with them all -

where the darkness will lead,

as time reproduces with its endless seeds.

though here i stand, Now.

that eternal moment, i believed was transfixed;

living in these bones,

from birth to stone,

until my light flicks.

while i study the mantra i call Myself,

the glass echoes lies -

of changing color, height, and



i am not mine - there is no Me.

i'm a momentary reflection,

that even i cannot see.


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