~ I am a lover of colors ~

 * a believer in magic *

- a hippy for sure -

Magic Kingdom
Acrylic & Oil
Balance in All Things
Acrylic & Oil
Art & Chill
Made at an art gathering with friends back in 2013 - acrylic only.
Gift Wrap
Using images found in newspapers - I was able to make a specialized wrap for my nephew-to-be!
Pea Pods
Watercolor, marker, pen, and tissue paper were used in this high school art class project back in 2010.
Using markers only, this dates back to 2010 in high school art class.
Summer Meditations
Acrylic & Oil - inspired by Summercamp 2013 Music Festival: My first festival ever!
Cardboard Creations
Using a scrap of cardboard, acrylic paint, and sparkled glue.
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